A Step Towards Public Consciousness


A Step Towards Public Consciousness

A Whisper on radio can create wonders.

90.4 FM


5 NTW, Sangaria



Empowerment of Society and Voice for Voiceless

Chetna Radio was established in the year 2021 on 22nd August with the aim of empowerment of the society and to provide voice to voiceless by the permission of the Ministry of Broadcast and Communication, Government of India.

Chetna Radio is broadcasting 16hrs a day starting early at 6 am till 10 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Chetna Radio 90.4 FM  

Chetna Radio 90.4 FM  

Chetna Radio 90.4 FM  

Chetna Radio 90.4 FM  

Chetna Radio 90.4 FM  

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Social Common Cause and Evolutionary Education Society



Blue Bells Children Academy, 5 NTW, Sangaria.

For the development of Evolutionary Education. This School was started in the academic session 2004-05. The School is a Co-educational English Medium Secondary School run in the lush green Environment with unique approach.

Blue Bells Cricket Academy

For the development of Skills in Cricketers. The Society started Blue Bells Cricket Academy in the year 2005-06 which is a primary member of District Cricket Association, Hanumangarh. The academy established a milestone in the development of Cricket Players there in.

Blue Bells Badminton Club

For the development of Badminton Players, the Society started the Badminton Academy for the development of skills in Badminton Players in the School Auditorium situated in 5 NTW, nathwana road, Sangaria.