Management of the Society

The society has an elected body for the management which is also managing and responsible for the running of all projects of the society. At present the management body is:

“A Whisper on radio can create wonders.”

Om Prakash AryaAuthor | A Border Man

Mr. Hanuman Das Gupta

Vice President

Mrs. Ritu Sharma


Mr. Sanjay Arya


Mrs. Sudha Banthia

Project Coordinator

Mrs. Deepti Arya

Executive Member

Dr. Meenakshi Sharma

Executive Member

Mrs. Indu Suthar

Theme of Chetna Radio

Chetna Radio is a broadcast mouth organ of Social Common Cause Evolutionary and Education Society for the empowerment of Society and Voice for Voiceless. Social Common Cause Evolutionary and Education Society is a Non- Government Organization which is registered under the Rajasthan Societies Act, Registration vide No. 149/Hanumangarh/ 2003-2004. This Organization is constituted to reach following Objects and Aims:

  • To work and establish Institutions for the development of Education and Health Services.
  • To promote and encourage women and child development programmes.
  • To make efforts for the conservation and protection of the Environment.
  • To make efforts for the protection of historical and cultural heritage.
  • To make efforts for social awareness.
  • To promote productivity- oriented economic programs for sustainable development for solving world problems.
  • To work for the peace and harmony and to make public opinion for the solution of world- wide problems.
  • To work for the welfare of soldiers and their dependents, educationally, socially, economically and culturally.
  • To work for old age persons and handicapped persons.
  • To conduct programs related to agriculture and livestock development and to provide training related thereto.
  • Conducting various activities for the welfare of youth, formation of youth groups, organizing excursion camps, organizing youth exchange programs.
  • Organizing sports training camps for the development of sports, work for the welfare of sports persons, running various training programmes, establishment of sports institutions.
  • To work for the protection of human rights, civil rights and consumer rights.
  • To work closely with other institutions, trusts, units with similar objectives.
  • To conduct training programs in the field of disaster management and to conduct research activities there in.

Broadcasting Programs - Chetna Radio

Chetna Radio was established in the year 2021 on 22nd August with the aim of empowerment of the society and to provide voice to voiceless by the permission of the Ministry of Broadcast and Communication, Government of India.

Chetna Radio is broadcasting 16hrs a day starting early at 6 am till 10 pm from Monday to Saturday with regular programs for the empowerment of the various groups of the community as are offered below:

  • For awareness of health, a health program in the name of “Swasth Tan aur Swasth Man” which renowned doctors are creating awareness for the health of the community.
  • For the awareness of consumer and legal awareness a program in the name of “Jagrook Upbhokta Surakshit Upbhokta” is broadcasted in which various legal talks are broadcasted by legal experts.
  • For the development of children a program in the name of “Baal Sabha” in which moral and old inspirational stories in the special event of- “Dadi Nani Ki Kahani” are broadcasted.
  • For the benefit of Farmers, a program in the name of “Kisaan Chaupaal” is broadcasted in which information related to Farming and animal husbandary is given.
  • So many artist have potentials in their art but they do not have any platform to perform their activities for their goodwill. Chetna Radio provides a platform for the local artist in the program -“Ek Kalakar”
  • In the regular program Chetna Radio also broadcasts a special program in Amrit Mahotsava program series a program on the life history of Vivekanand and a program on Freedom Fighters.
  • In the regular program Chetna Radio also relay National News in the morning and in the evening which is broadcasted by Prasaar Bharti.
  • Many promos for the awareness of the society is also broadcasted in the intervals of the programs.